Where will they sleep tonight?

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Poems
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Below is a poem that was contributed by a good friend of mine.

Where Will They Sleep Tonight? by Tom White

She keeps to herself during the day
As each day seems to be the same.
A forgotten person in a crowded place
without a bed without a name

She gives what it takes to get by,
And takes what is given by strangers.
She lives without the comforts we take for granted
And survives each days dangers

But where will she sleep tonight?
While you’re at home behind locked doors.
Hidden away from the wet and the cold
She is under a bridge or on a bench
Growing only lonely and old

He spends his days at the crossroad.
Trying to get people to just be good
A vet down on his luck in life
Holding a sign: “will work for food.”
He doesn’t want to be here
His hunger forced him to the street
He tries and cries at his place in life
And wonders and ponders the day at his feet
And where will he sleep tonight?
In the heat with the threats that come
In the darkness where no one cares what happens to him when the day is done.

So what will be your excuse, your well intentioned reason why
That you will give when called to task
As to why you just passed on by.
And forgot the anthem that rings thru the years
And still carries on a holy breeze
The Son of Man with His eyes aflame
Saying as you’ve done to the least of these….
And tell me where will they sleep tonight?
If you turn your back on the homeless crew
Where will they live tomorrow?
If you don’t show a love that’s true.
You can turn a deaf ear to the call they give
But except for the grace of God
There goes you.
You can give up on a holy charge
And surrender in this Godly fight
But tell me if the chosen won’t help the homeless
Where will they sleep tonight?

  1. Tom White says:

    Thanks Jonah for sharing. I appreciate the stage to share what is given to me by the Father. I hope more will take the stage in the near future.

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