Homeless students helped by their principal

Posted: June 10, 2011 in homelessness
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According to a new government report, more than 900,000 schoolchildren in this country have no real home. They are part of a growing population of school children who live in cheap motel rooms, usually in rundown crime-ridden parts of town, or in the family car.

CBS News correspondent Byron Pitts reported how one school in Las Vegas is making a difference in the lives of the homeless children there.

Principal Sherrie Gahn of Whitney Elementary School in East Las Vegas should be given a humanitarian award for what she does for the homeless children in her school.

Inside Whitney Elementary School nearly 85 percent of the children are homeless. That’s 518 kids out of 610!

So Principal Gahn came up with a plan to not only help these kids, but also their parents and the community.

Read the CBS Evening News report here.

I hope this will inspire and challenge others to do what they can to help the homeless school children in there own city.

Here’s another link about a followup report CBS News did on homeless children.

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