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Posted: August 25, 2011 in Word From The Street
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Jonah Reuben
Singer / Songwriter, Preacher, Blogger

For more than 30 years Jonah Reuben has been playing his unique style of Christian music through different venues and organizations. Jonah’s raspy vocals are hard to ignore as he brings his message of uncompromising devotion to God to his audience. He believes that Christian music should be more about ministry than entertaining.

Besides recording and producing music Jonah is also an accomplished writer and has posted several articles online dealing with various subjects such as Christian Living, Church Revival, and being an advocate for the homeless community.

Jonah’s greatest desire is to have the opportunity to bring his message of spiritual renewal and revival to the Church. He believes that God wants a strong, rock-like Church so powerful that the gates of hell cannot prevail against it.

Jonah is a unique minister of the Gospel who uses contemporary style music, scripture, and life experiences to exhort and build up the Body of Christ. He is available to minister at your church, youth group or special event.



  1. Sule says:

    Dear Mr.Jonah Reuben:

    Hello, I am a teacher and really liked your picture of arms of different races pictured here:

    Would it be alright with you if I used it as a poster in my classroom?

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