Halos for kids guilty of child abuse

Posted: November 18, 2014 in Music & Videos
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I was so appalled to see the latest Halos Oranges commercial showing a baby duct taped to a wall that I sent them a message from their website. I asked them, “What were you thinking?!! Do you not know that 1 in 4 children are abused? Many children the same age as the one in your commercial have been abused the same way as the one in your commercial! You should take down that commercial and publicly apologize for such an insensitive portrayal of an innocent child!”

Hopefully more of you will contact them and also demand that they take down that commercial and publish a public apology.

You can contact Halos at – http://www.haloskids.com/contact/



Below is the email I received from Halos Kids:


Dear Jonah Reuben:

Thank you for contacting us.

We’re sorry you were displeased with our advertising but are glad you took the time to provide your comments. They were shared with our marketing and advertising teams and will be kept in mind in the planning of future advertising and promotional initiatives.

Thank you again for contacting us.


Trina Anthony
Wonderful Call Center

Find other useful information at http://www.halosfun.com/


  1. Realistic Randy says:

    I must say I thought the ad was tasteful. The concept of a “Halo” is for angels and the little girl tapes her brother to the door, clean fun. People who have a serious overthinking problem are in fact, a problem. There’s violence in TV, sexual content, drug abuse, and other items that some people will be offended by. If you don’t like the commercial, don’t watch the commercial or buy Halos oranges. You expect a company to pull a commercial and make a statement for using comedy? I’m sure you believe in what you’re saying, but I don’t think you have the capacity to realize to determine the difference between comedy (intended or not) and real life. If you can’t determine the difference, get rid of your TV because you really don’t want to see Murder She Wrote (Here’s a hint, Angela’s the killer) . I’ll never read this thread again, but just wanted to point out that I’m sure anyone that doesn’t overthink the world would believe you have a serious problem if you took the commercial serious. Good Day.

    • Realistic Randy: I am not one of those “intolerant, politically correct, my way or the highway types” that want to force everyone back into the Puritan age. (Which, by the way, wasn’t all that pure) But that kind of thinking is what is wrong with Americans today. I only wanted to point out to the advertizers that duct-taping a child to a wall, (or door in this case) IS child abuse. There have been several cases, before and since this commercial aired, that people have been charged with child abuse for doing the very same thing. The reality is that child abuse has become an epedemic in this country, but too many are making light of it as if it were a joking matter. (It didn’t seem to me that the child that was taped to the door thought it was too funny) Just to let you know, I do not buy Halo oranges, nor do I watch programs containing violence, filthy language or nudity. Yes, I do know the difference between TV and real life. But there comes a time when TV and Hollywood crosses the line in presenting programs and commercials.

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