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January is not yet over and many of our New Year’s Resolutions have already been forgotten. After all, most will have to admit that our New Year’s Resolutions are just a feeble attempt to fix ourselves to make ourselves more acceptable to others. And when we cannot live up to our own expectations to make ourselves better, we tend to give up and store those resolutions in the deep recesses of our conscience.

Fortunately, God loves us just as we are, not as we should be. God’s love for me and his commitment to me does not depend on my resolve to change, but on God’s resolve not to give up on me.

The good news that gets me through bad times is that God’s devotion to me is not dependent on any attempt of mine to change myself—it’s knowing that my messes are always met with God’s mercy, my failures with his forgiveness, and my guilt with his grace, that helps me survive my daily disappointments with me.

The Gospel of Jesus is good news to those who’ve been crushed by the trials of life—unpaid medical bills, foreclosure notices, the death of a loved one, a wayward child, and so many others; because in our weakness He is made strong in us! (2 Corinthians 12:9-10) Jesus makes the ordinary extraordinary; and because Jesus succeeded for you, you cannot fail!

So, as this New Year gets under way, I’m still going to try and get better, but it’s much less stressful to know that I can live my life dependent on God rather than on myself.

That’s why I refuse to give up!